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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long do pavers last?
2. What does 'interlock' mean?
3. Will freezing and thawing damage pavers?
4. What's the difference between joint sand and polymeric sand?
5. Can fabric designed to prevent the growth of weeds be used instead of the geotextile fabric?
6. If pavers need to be removed for below grade repairs, can I replace them afterwards?
7. Will pavers be slippery?
8. Can dirty or broken pavers be replaced?
9. Are there disadvantages to sealing paver pavements?

10. Do you have options on choosing your picket spacing?
11. Are gates available?
12. Do you offer finials or post caps to decorate my post tops?
13. At what depth do you bury fence posts?
14. Are all posts to be set in concrete?
15. What type of nails/screws will you use when installing my fence?
16. Can you install a fence panel on a sloped landscape?
17. What kind of care and maintenance will my fence require?
18. Should I paint or stain my fence?

19. What kind of deck material is best?
20. What is the price difference between wood and composite decking?
21. What is the difference between all the brands of composite decking?
22. Can composite decking be used for structural use like the posts and beams?
23. Does the color of composite decking change once it's installed?
24. Do you use CCA or ACQ treated lumber? Which is better?
25. Is treated lumber more prone to warping?
26. Can my deck support a hot tub?
27. How do you attach the deck to the house?
28. Does it matter which direction you lay the decking boards down?

29. What is involved in building your gazebos?
30. What type of building material is used?
31. Is western red cedar better than southern yellow pine?
32. Do the gazebos need to treated or sealed?
33. Are the screens removable?
34. I want the shingles to match the asphalt shingles on my house, is this possible?
35. Which is better: Octagonal, Square, or Oval?
36. What type of rails, spindles, corner braces and fascia do you offer?
37. What are my roof options?
38. What is required as a foundation for the Gazebo?