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Features And Benefits
Increased value of your real estate
Real Estate Agents confirm that an interlocking paved patio/driveway adds value to a home over a concrete or asphalt driveway. (KEEP IN MIND: concrete cracks - pavers don't!)

Affordable luxury!
The elegant style of pavers adds a touch of luxury to any home at a fraction of the cost of flagstone or natural stone.

Resistance to root growth, erosion, earthquake and frost
Pavers are designed to undulate with movement and will not crack. They allow for easy access to roots, making maintenance a snap!

A quick trouble-free installation which far outlasts any other form of paved surface
A Dream Home Exteriors, Inc. installation is made to last. Our time-tested installation process ensures you will be enjoying your new paving for generations.

Bear heavy loads immediately after installation
No need to wait - as soon as we leave, your new paving is ready for use

Wide selection of stones, colors and styles provide infinite variety of designs
From natural slate textures and the old-world charm of cobbles, to the classic style of brick - you are certain to find a look that will complement your home.

Broken or stained pavers are easily removed and replaced
Replacing concrete or asphalt always leaves you with an ugly patchwork effect - unless you replace the entire surface. With pavers, changing out the ones you need to is easy and no-one will ever know .

Provide easy access to roots, underground pipes and cables
The modular system of pavers allows for simple access for underground repairs

An Environmentally Conscious Choice:
In contrast to non-permeable materials, interlocking paving stones allow natural biological processes to filter run-off before it pollutes our creeks. The interlocking paving stones allow water to drain through, and beneficial bacteria, which live between the stones and in the gravel bed below, remove toxins before they reach our creeks, the bay and our beaches.