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Patios & Driveways
Concrete pavers interlock together to form different patterns, which can be used immediately, unlike concrete where a drying time is required before use. Pavers are manufactured in different colors and various textures allowing for a wider range of design options. A big benefit of pavers is that they do not bond to a base or together by concrete which means they can be removed and re-installed, which reduces further service interruptions and shows little or no indication of repair. Concrete pavers work well as an accent to the total landscape scheme and as a focal point. Pavers are perfect for driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, and small accent areas.

The creative paving designs available with concrete pavers add distinctiveness and uniqueness to residential projects that translate into real dollar value. Pavers are strong, durable, and in-fact will outlast and out perform any other hardscape available. Their versatility makes them a match for many different residential projects

ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) is the governing body of the paver industry and authority of interlocking concrete pavements. They provide guidelines by which all pavers should be installed for maximum efficiency. Dream Home Exteriors, Inc. has certified ICPI installers on staff at all times. Click here to receive more information and to receive a free consumer guide.

When installed correctly, the surface is flexible, withstanding loads from traffic, wear and weather. The joints between each paver are filled with sand allowing the loads to be transferred to adjacent units in a pattern, which eliminates the cracking common to concrete surfaces. If problems underground require excavation, the pavers are simply removed and later replaced without wasting materials. Pavers stand up to de-icing salts better than conventional asphalt or concrete pavements.